back in the 1983

Inutile negare che gli anni 70 siano tra i miei preferiti, ma per questo outfit sono saltata direttamente nella macchina del tempo dritta ai primissimi anni 80. Quelli in cui le spallone imbottite non avevano fatto ancora la loro comparsa, ma le estrosità dei primi anni settanta si stemperavano verso una vena country di camicette stile coloniale e rigore da inizio secolo.
Il pezzo forte è sicuramente la gonna pantalone in lino, color avorio, vintage dell’epoca, che ha un sapore vagamente coloniale. L’ho abbinata con una camicia a quadretti stile provenzale, e con accessori in ecosuede che ben si abbinano al periodo di riferimento.

Gonna-pantalone: vintage
camicetta: Zara
Scarpe e borsa: Zara

I don’t deny that seventies era was always my fav, but this outfit is jumped straight from the early eighties. Before the big shoulder but after the optical pattern, when the farm-style and the old siecle mood was the inspiration.

The skirt pants is the beginnig, original vintage from this period, colonial mood for the linen and the avorio colour. The blouse in small check in provenzal style, and the shoes and bag in ecosuede are perfect for this late seventies early ’80!

skirt pants : vintage
blouse, shoes and bag: Zara

Location: Rimini

All photos by Nara Zafferri





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247 thoughts on “back in the 1983

  1. Bellissimo post..le foto, gli abiti che indossi, i tempi che hai fatto rivivere..
    nel 1983 ero ancora una bambina felice, avevo due genitori giovanissimi e bellissimi e la mia mamma aveva look che mi rammentano molto questo!!
    Si.. prima dell'avvento delle spalline supe rimbottite (io le ho sempre odiate, quando mi compravano qualcosa con le spalline le faveo sempre togliere dalla mia nonna, e poi le trasformavo in divanetti per le barbie!!!)..
    Ciao bellissimaaa!



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    3. Get some open-faced converses (still have that cool converse look without closing a circuit that can make your feet look like “clown feet. “) and some darker flats (make sure they reach past that toe cleavage. those shoes do exist!). Also, a size 9 isn’t too big to wear some strappy gladiator sandals. The twisted top gladiators are especially flattering.

    4. Hi Terri,Have you seen Julia Child on food show? I read the book Julie and Julia lately and have always wondered what is she like in real life. Maybe I will try looking up on youtube :PLove your blog and I shall hunt for the local KK food you mentioned when I visit KK next.

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    10. Welcome home. Either Philippine-home or USA home… it’s nice to “see” you again.Aerial photos are my favorites, but then so are the macros and then so are all the others… thanks for not making me choose.again, nice to see that “you’re back”.

    11. Like the way you seized this metaphor by the throat and shook till it cried, “Uncle!.” I’ve had more thnn a few blind dates with e-zine editors that ended up with a rapturous embrace. What I fail to undertand is the writer who never submits because “It’s not finished.”

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    15. I adore this outfit! It WAS meant to be, and is perfect in fit and color and contrast and so forth.I, too, also appreciate the awesomeness of Sal. She's an inspiration, AND she's local (for me!) so I get to emulate her shopping/style prowess!

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    24. I love how easy you’ve made it seem; some of the green blogs I read make me feel like I’ll never get there, or they make it seem so difficult to get started. But these ideas? I’m already doing a lot of them, or have thought about it (composting especially), or expect to do it soon (planting herbs). I may be greener than I realized.

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    26. So proud of you. Super proud. My secret dream? To live on a farm with boodles of kids-(the ones I want to join our family will come from foster care) and animals, and to run a therapeutic horseback riding program for children in the foster care system (plus lots of riding for whatever kids are currently in our family. )

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  16. 10+ years of frustration in CAD and now REVIT trying to figure out how to make a freakin’ hatch. The ease and simplicity of your program brought tears to my eyes the first time I used it. Now it’s on every machine here in our office in Shanghai. Great program – thanks so much for your priceless gift to humanity (or at least for the CAD-savvy portion of the world).

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  29. Of course they canThey exdented you credit and you didn’t repay them according to the contract (it’s like 5 or 6 pages that you have to sign to take out these loans, lots of small print that informs you they can report you if you do not pay) Depends on what the class action suit is about. The thing is, by the time the class action suit is ironed out, it would either be off your report (aged off) or you will be sued by them or the collection agency they sell your debt to, so it won’t matter.

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